If you love a person you will do everything to make him or her happy. You give your best in the relationship and hate it to see them crying. That is the common promise of a person who is in love with someone.

It is almost 6 months have past when she let me go. I myself can’t even imagine that thing seems to be so fast. I was a foolish man. I didn’t see her importance. I was happy being with others drinking all night while she was waiting for our date. Yes, that day was our anniversary but I didn’t know nor care! There she was dressed in her most beautiful way patiently waiting for me. How stupid I was! So insensitive! I didn’t even picture out how things went on with her. I was enjoying with other woman!

The next day, the mailman handed me a box. That was an early surprise from her. I wonder why she gave me a present. I opened it up and saw couple shirts with her portrait and mine. The design is very familiar because she spent 3 sleepless nights just to make it to satisfy my taste. But there’s something different with the portrait. My picture has wings which represent freedom and hers with tears which represent pain. At first I can’t understand it. When I look at the back part of the shirt there’s a message which says “You’re FREE…I’m letting you GO! These tears in my portrait are the last tears I will shed for you! “

Now that I realize everything, I’ll promise to do my best to win her back. This portrait in my shirt makes me realize her worth. I’ll never let her cry again and I’ll make sure to wipe her tears in this portrait!

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    Mai 2011